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Monday, August 06, 2012

Strangely Drained...

I've been without an active project for about 3 weeks now and I am feeling really punchy about it.  I have filled my time with reading and cleaning and working out, but without a structured project I feel at wit's end. I do have projects coming up and some that I am somewhat involved in (painting in September, a bit of dramaturgy for a friend's Fringe show [more on that in a later post], overdue writing projects, etc...), but now in the heat of summer with kids home and all that I feel a bit trapped and bored. I have read many books over the last few weeks.  A bit of junk food reading, some non-fiction, some police procedurals, some young adult fantasy stuff and all that has been good.  I just don't function well when not busy.  That is not to say I want people to load me up with their tasks (no phone calls, please).  There is something that happens when you are chained to the house because of kids (it is summertime and they are home) and so you can't do things you want to do and even when you do some of the stuff you want to get done at home (cleaning and organizing and all that kind of crap) it is not necessarily fulfilling and you are quite likely to spend 2 hours cleaning a room and you can find it messed up again later that same day.  It happens in my house... grumble.

This weekend we went to a family reunion. I had a nice visit with some of the family - those that stuck around to visit. Some people left 1/2 an hour after we got there and came back just in time for supper when we had to leave about 1/2 an hour after that - what's up with that? The kids had a great time with their cousins and that was what counted.  Those that stayed to visit were pleasant to catch up with.  I don't often get to this one because if I am committed to Fringe stuff it is a challenge for me to go too.  My hip is killing me and I think the 6+ hours of driving had something to do with that, but whatever... grumble.

So tomorrow, to get out of the house and feel productive, I will work a casino.  Hi Ho, the Glamorous Life!

I should write more.  I technically have the time.  I should work out more (as soon as my hip stops killing me - I have actually been good about this the last two weeks). I should clean/sort out more of the house (I am working on it).  But I really need a project!

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