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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday at Fringe Finished Fast!

I raced to the site, after dropping off Gibson at camp, and got there just in time to catch The Gooble Portrait.  It was a fun show (aimed at younger audiences) and was very impressive in it's concept and design.  The production was sophisticated in a way that I appreciate.  Too often I find that children's theatre is not done well or else is over-simplified and dumbed down.  This was clever, smart and magical without being over the heads of the kids.  I am glad I caught it.  If there were a design category for Fringe shows - this one would definitely win it!  The way they create the painting effects is  really cool. I then headed to Walterdale Theatre for 7 Ways to Die (stopping for a green onion cake on the way).  7 Ways is a sweet little mask play about love and death and it was a nice show for a Friday afternoon.

I am off this evening as Mark has requested a night out to hear our friend Richie's band perform at BoDiddly's and since I have been out for the last 8 nights I guess it is only fair. My back is also in a bit of pain from sitting through so many shows so I will medicate and rest up for tomorrow and the marathon final Fringe day - Sunday!

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