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Sunday, August 26, 2012

And So Another Fringe Ends...

Well, I wrapped the Fringe up today with 3 more shows bringing my total to 21 for the Festival.  I think that is pretty close to last year and I felt I saw enough but not too much.  I got a great variety and didn't make any major missteps in picking.  I am getting better at parsing through the program for the opening weekend and then keeping my ear to the ground for the rest of the week.  Word of Mouth was a good thing to listen for!

Of the 11 days of Fringe I saw shows on 9 days, so I will be adding that number (not 21) to my theatrical goal for the year, bringing my current total up to 38! I am 2 away from my goal.  I think I will have no problem surpassing that since I won that season prize and we still have Rock of Ages in the Broadway Across Canada tickets and two Walterdale shows.  I think next year I will be upping my goal!

Anyhow, today I started with The Colander Gals.  I was blown away by how tight it was.  They made me so very happy.  The house was very full.  The cake was yummy.  The harmonies were tight and the laughs kept coming.  I was very pleased with it and so proud to have been a part of it.

Then I headed to the Fringe Village and saw Spare Change.  It was a tight little piece about panhandlers and perception and homelessness.  I am still not sure about whether I will give money to panhandlers, but it does give you pause in how you think about the people you see who are obviously homeless.  The key message is that they are still human and we seem to forget that.

Then I had a nice visit in the Beer Tents - first with the cast of Spare Change, most of whom I know from Walterdale, and then with friends Lindsey and Sarah who I also know from Walterdale (and other theatre experiences).

I ended the Fringe with perhaps my favourite show of the Festival.  Favourite implies personal choice and opinion and this one is wrapped up with pride and memory as I worked with the actress a few years back and I was blown away by how mature she is now as an actor, but I saw Gruesome Playground Injuries and it was so lovely.  It made me cry. I was also extremely impressed by the direction.  The transitions were electric and the design was spot-on.  It was a perfect final show for me.

This ends what is apparently a record breaking Fringe.  I know I had a good time.  Can't wait until next year!

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