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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Start in Sunshine, End in Rain and Lightning...

Not a comment on the theatre I saw today, merely the weather.  I am glad for this storm as I think it will release some of the heat of the week.  I could feel something building so thankfully I brought my hoodie so I had it after the last show when I needed it.

Today I quite enjoyed my Fringe Adventure.  I saw three good shows and had some great conversations.  I was surprised by what I saw - always a good thing since I am not fond of predictability.  The word for today was compelling!

I started the day with Wishbone Theatre's Parlour Songs.  I love Wishbone Theatre.  I am always impressed with the quality of their work and this was no exception.  I am not sure what the title was about, but the show was really good.  I was particularly impressed with Dave Clarke and Michael Peng, but I also loved the concept - using text from the script and images on screens to support the action.  It was also quite clever in that it made for a cleaner show.  I am not sure if those choices were prescribed by the script, or if it was directorial choice.  Whichever it was - it worked beautifully.

Next, after doing the kid's swap, I headed to La Cite for Passages.  I went expecting, I don't know what - something darkish about life's journey - I am not sure why that was what I was expecting, but I was.  Anyhow, I walk into the theatre and there are clowns.  I am NOT a clown person, but no matter.  I am game.  What followed was one of the most delightful hours I have even spent in the theatre.  It was such a joyful piece.  They made the space into an alley and this really worked for the show - especially since there were two little boys in the front row opposite who were fabulous to watch.  I wish I had brought my kids (but I didn't know it would be what it was!).  I just left that theatre so happy.  That was nice.  In the lobby before the show, I also ran into a friend from high school who I hadn't seen in 20 years - that was cool too.

I completed my journey by driving across the river to Avenue Theatre to catch Miss Julie.  I don't know Strindberg  (I will take Drama 308 this year and meet him) but he writes some really ugly and really mesmerizing characters.  Or maybe it was the adaptation? Or maybe it was the acting (all three actors onstage know how to hold the deck, and Miss Julie herself, Kerry Johnson, is electric).  Whatever it was, I was glued.  Even though the concept was very out there, I never tuned out (I do that sometimes if I am not engaged).  I couldn't take my eyes off what was going on.  The punk feel worked, even though it felt weird, because the ugliness of it really highlighted how ugly these people were.  It's not for everyone, but I bought the ticket so it's all about me.

All in all a very satisfying day of theatre.  I am feeling good about getting my money's worth this Fringe!

Tomorrow is a slow day for shows - only one in the afternoon - and then I do the Fringe Forum in the evening!  Yikes!  Better get some sleep!

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