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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Busy World is Hushed...

On Saturday night, my friend AM and I went to see The Busy World is Hushed at Northern Lights Theatre. Last year I bid on seasons' tickets at Walterdale's Silent Auction and I got them. It is part of my mission to check out different theatre companies in Edmonton since I have been less than thrilled with the quality per dollar value at the Citadel. I figured that if I had season's tickets I would be "forced" to go and that would also get me to the some of the shows I read about in the paper. About the show... I found the script very interesting and really enjoyed the discussions about religion. I was less interested in the relationship between the Minister's son and the young writer but I am not sure if that was a fault of the script or the fact that I thought the actor who played the son was miscast and out of his depth in the role. He was unconvincing and I couldn't see the attraction for him. Trevor Schmidt, who played the writer, did all the emotional work in this show. I liked the general quality of the Minister, Hannah (sorry I have forgotten the other two actor's real names) but she also failed to raise the emotional stakes when it was needed. She was excellent with the religious discussion, but I never believed her as the mother of that son. Part of the problem with the show was acting and part was directing. The use of this sound scape was WRONG WRONG WRONG and served only to slow any momentum done. BAD CHOICE, Mr. Director!

Anyhow, It seems that I have torn the show apart. I didn't mean to do that. Trevor Schmidt was very, very good. He was heart-breakingly emotionally committed to the show and his character. The religious discussions alone are worth seeing this show over. Some of the dialogue is stilted but that's the writing. I enjoyed it and am interested in what will come next.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mindless Diversion - stolen from Magnolia...

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it? When I was little (less than 5) a neighborhood cat did not take kindly to the affection I was trying to show it. She scratched me right above my upper lip. I have an inch long scar under my nose there.
2. What does your phone look like? I just got a new red LG cell phone. It takes pictures. My home phones are varied - 3 cordless black ones, 1 silver "officey" looking phone, and a cordless white phone. We have kids and we need phones all over the house because Mark set it on 3 rings before the answering machine picks up.
3. What is on the walls of your bedroom? The walls are blue. There are 2 prints of flowers in bright colours, a collage of Monet postcards, and a print of the Split Rock Lighthouse from Minnesota near where I was born and the family homestead is.
4. What is your current desktop picture? My screen picture is my two boys in bed with big smiles. They have obviously just had a bath because they have wet hair.
5. Do you believe in gay marriage? Yes, but I don't believe in gay divorce.
6. What do you want more than anything right now? Time.
7. What time were you born? Almost 40 years ago at about 2 A.M.
8. Are your parents still together?Yes.
9. Last person who made you cry? Oliver.
10. What is your favorite perfume/cologne? I like to wear White Diamonds, but now it reminds me of a different time of my life. I was thinking the other day I needed to find a new one, but I so rarely wear perfume it doesn't occur to me to look.
11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex? A view of the past and present suggests blue/dark.
12. What are you listening to? The music from Annie (don't ask). The Bounce (it's what's on in the car).
13. Do you get scared of the dark? No.
14. Do you like pain killers? I will take Ibuprofen and Tylenol, but codeine makes me wiggy and the stuff the dentist gave me for my abscess made me bitchy and constipated (perhaps they were related).
15. Are you too shy to ask someone out? Well, it's a good thing I am not, because I probably wouldn't be married to Mark otherwise.
16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be? World Class Chocolate ice cream.
17. Who was the last person you made mad? Oliver. He told me he was so mad he was going to run away from home.
18. Is anyone in love with you? I'd like to think so.

Fitness is frustrating...

So, this Fall I committed to working out. Oliver is in school full days and it is much easier to leave one child in babysitting plus Gibson is usually pretty easy going about those things. As well, with Oliver in full days I didn't have to worry about being home for the bus and all that. No excuses. So I have been booking Gibson in for babysitting 3X a week and I go to a drop in class at the YMCA. I also try to use the Treadmill at home on my "days off". I feel stronger, however, I am gaining weight! I don't think I am eating more. I have also started a "don't eat after 8:15 p.m." rule which has cut out a lot of extra calories. I have to believe it is muscle because it is annoying! The other annoying thing is that Gibson has started being really fussy about going to babysitting. I know he is doing it to see what he can control, but my "easy" kid is starting to get challenging and I don't need that! Arghhhh!

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Daemon

Parenting Approval Ratings...

Last night, despite having a really good day, Oliver had a MAJOR MELTDOWN at bedtime. I have no idea why. He was refusing to go to bed, and he wanted a bath, but it was too late, so that was an issue and then when we decided to help him get into his PJs he freaked out more... We tried the cajoling to diffuse the situation, to no avail. Anyhow, after 45 minutes of struggling with him he decided that he was going to have to "run away from home" so he could find some "new owners to look after him". When asked what was wrong with his current Mommy and Daddy he replied that "we didn't do everything he told us to do". Anyhow, I tried for another 15 minutes to get him to bed and finally he said he was leaving. So we let him "run away". Bear in mind he was wearing only pj bottoms and shoes. We asked if he would like a coat or anything and he said he was fine. He left out the front door and 30 seconds later he knocked on the door and asked to come back in. Then he went to bed.

This morning he said sorry for being so mad last night. I think he plans to stay for awhile.

By the way - I kind of blame the Foote Theatre School for the "running away". They are learning "Hard Knock Life" in his class so I pulled out the movie Annie and he was quite enamoured of it. He liked the way Annie "ran away" all the time.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Those Back to School Germs...

Gibson is sick, again. I am hoping that as he gets older, his immune system will toughen up a bit. Went to the Medi-centre, one hour+ wait, prescription for Ventolin, but no anti-biotic this time. We were told to come back if he doesn't' get better but that it was most likely a virus. Knowing Gibson's "history", I am putting 3-1 odds on us going back by the end of the week. I hope I am wrong.

Last night I did the "Test the Nation - Language" test that was on CBC. I got 58/70 which wasn't too bad. There were a few of the ones that I could narrow down to 2 and then I picked the wrong choice and there was 1 answer I continue to disagree with. I also got some word origin and regional answers wrong. Most of the ones I got wrong were ones I was unsure of. It was fun to do and I know I beat the average! Mark and I did the IQ test when that was on. Is there anyone else out there who likes to sit and watch TV and take silly tests? Maybe we're just geeks!

Friday, September 07, 2007

I can feel my Abs...

...when I stand up from sitting. I went to Cardio Kick-Start again today. Different instructor. I don't always like everything in the class, but maybe I'm not supposed to. I'm moving my muscles, that's what counts.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back on the Treadmill...

So to speak. I re-committed to working out. I know, I know. I do that a lot, but I think of every week as a new week and since September is traditionally a time for 'starting anew' for me I booked Gibson in to the YMCA babysitting and went to the Cardio Kick Start class this morning. I have also booked him in for Friday, Monday and Wednesday so I am committed. I find I have to do that - book in ahead of time - or I don't go. It is harder to not go when you know you will be charged for the babysitting if you don't cancel soon enough. I am watching my ankle because of the recent sprain. It's a little achy and I avoided the stairs, just in case, but it held up okay. I will see how it feels tomorrow morning. I have a feeling I will feel my butt tomorrow because of all the squats we did.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rites of Passage...

Today Oliver started grade one. Full days, lunch at school, homework... It all begins today. I am actually a pretty relaxed Mom about this major life step. I think because I was a teacher I don't see school as something scary and I have tried hard to create enthusiasm for school within Oliver (and Gibson too). I think he was more puzzled by the fact that he didn't see all of his classmates from last year since they obviously shuffled the AM and PM Kindergarten classes. There were a few and Caelen was in his class so that was good. He also got the male teacher so I am hoping that helps to curtail his silliness a bit. He's a pretty good kid. Not shy. Not scared to try new things (except Chinese food - or "china food"). Academically I am not concerned and I really like the school. It feels like a good year has started.

Gibson will also have a "first" today. He will go to My First Pre-School at the YMCA today. He is pretty excited. He wanted to stay at the school with Oliver but I had to remove him and tell him his school would start later.