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Monday, February 19, 2007

Great Job Marsha!

Last night I got to see and hear the cast for my play, Pieces (it is being produced at Walterdale Playhouse in late May). There were two cast members missing due to conflicts, but I know one of the them and the fellow who filled in for the other person did a good job. I was VERY happy. It looked right and sounded right and felt good. Yay Marsha! Even though I wrote it, I felt it was a captivating story and it moved quickly in the read so I hope that can be maintained. Very nice feeling.

The other two plays we heard were good too. I imagine it is hard to cold read in front of strangers, but I think all three casts pulled it off. The three scripts are so nicely different that I hope the "comparison" thing doesn't happen. It's not a competition.

I was also delighted to see so many more "new" actors. I realize that I haven't done a lot of shows at Walterdale, but I have seen a few now and I didn't know any of the other actors, so that would mean that there was good turn out for auditions. Makes me even more appreciative of getting into Steel Magnolias.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Visit to the Past

Last night I went and watched the Alberta Regional CIG finals at Eastglen High School. I went to cheer on the Westwood Team, as well as to watch the improv as a whole. I also figured that I would see several students from the past - which I did. It was a good night of Improv. Westwood did not win, they placed second, but they played very well. I still find it hard to watch CIG without thinking like a coach and analyzing all the scenes. I think that is why I prefer watching Theatre Sports now, because there is less structure and fewer rules so I don't sit and think about story, and character, and using the suggestion and all that. I did let some of the analysis go, so I got laughs out of the evening. I think that the kids should feel good because they entertained well and I know from experience how hard it is to come second (particularly when you are used to winning). I heard from one of the adjudicators that the team (WIT) was taking it really well and genuinely seemed happy for Harry Ainlay. I hope so because they deserve to feel good about a great night of entertainment.

It was good to see the kids from the past. They made me feel good, because they seemed happy to see me too. That's always nice for a teacher. They make me remember the GREAT THINGS about my teaching career and then I think a little less about the crappy things that went on in those last few years. I always felt bad at the end, because at the time it was so hard to watch WIT play back then. It was all wrapped up with feeling betrayed and bullied. I shall have to go and watch Theatre Sports and Chimprov (if I can stay up late enough) so that I can watch them as mature (?) adults, and separate their improv from the whole high school memory stuff.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Crying - Still Fat

Okay. So I haven't had the best week. This is primarily because I have been sick all week and that has been in combination with one or both of the boys being sick at the same time. So the "illness" factor has really messed me up. And it hasn't been a "just the sniffles" cold. I feel CRAPPY. So, in an effort to feel better in at least one part of my body, I ate poorly (my mouth was happy for a bit of time). I knew it would have an impact. Intellectually I was not beating myself up, but I knew that when I went to the WW meeting my number would be up and not down. So why was I crying when I was up 1.4 lbs? ... I think it is because I had made this committment to myself about eating and exercise. That I was going to make it a priority, and the first 2 weeks were good (not spectacular - but good), but the rest of my life keeps getting in the way of my priority. Whether it is having social engagments that revolve around food, or M being late at the store because of computer troubles so I don't get on the treadmill, or a cold/flu that completely destroys me for a week --> I feel like there is something in my way, and it feels like a COSMIC THING. I really hate being as heavy as I am. Never mind other people judging me, I judge myself. The excuses sound lame, even to me, and they are MY excuses, but there they are. I find it so much work, and I am tired, and I know that even when (not if - when) I do lose the weight, the work doesn't stop. Because if I stop working at it, I will gain it back like I did the last time and I will feel like a double failure. It is sad that I feel worthless overall in my life because of this one thing. It negates so many other things that I am that are positives. It shouldn't, but it does.

On a positive note (ha ha), I found out that I did get into the Playwright's Lab with Marty Chan. I await instructions eagerly. I hope that I can get what I need out of it.

Friday, February 09, 2007

A bit of this, a bit of that...

This weekend are the auditions for the One Acts. I will wait anxiously and let you know what happens. It is out of my hands. Now I should really start writing something new. I don't think I have been too bad at it, since I have two scripts "completed" in less than a year. Both were One Acts, though, and I really think I should try and get a full length script completed. Last year I made the goal of having a script to submit for APN's competition. That means I have less than 2 months to get another script written. Can I do it? Hey, if I try and I don't finish, then at least I will have part of a script written and I can go from there. Since the whole "deadline" aspect seems to work for me - I should run with it.

Went to see Les Liaisons Dangereuses at the Walterdale the other night. It was good. Some general line fumble that I will add up to the difficulty of the script and the nerves of opening night, but it was good. The lead, Valmont, was really strong. He knew how to embody the character and play the conflict of the character so that you believed him at the end. Tourvel was really strong, too. I hope I am not biased in this assessment, but I was hoping she would be good and then she was (yay!). It was a nice evening. And, since I am not a professional critic, and who knows who reads this, I will refrain from mentioning any flaws in the production. If I am not up there on stage, putting myself out there to deal with the challenges of the script, who am I to criticize? Besides, I have seen two other productions of the show so I may be biased by what I have seen before.

Oh yeah, ATCO had to change the gas meter to bring it up to code. They made the appointment for 12-2 p.m. and then showed up at 2 minutes to 2:00. Hmmmm. I was a little ticked off, because there are things I could have been doing with my afternoon that I couldn't do because I had to wait around for they guy. Now Gibby is sleeping and I can't go and do anything out of the house.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Magnolia Tagged Me - Curses!

Okay, so I am reading Magnolia's Blog and she "tagged me" which means she had to write 6 weird things about me.... Hmmm.... Hey, I'm pretty normal, no really.

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. For fun, I sing like a tonally challenged child and make up words and it makes my husband laugh. It is really loud and really bad in a funny way.
2. When I was a small child I got very upset because a bully in my class teased me by saying "Your mom's not a virgin!". I didn't know what it meant but I figured it was bad by the way she said it, so instead of asking my Mom (I didn't want to hurt her feelings to know this was being said about her), I went to the shy, geeky, teenage boy who ran the catechism class at my curch (I figured virgin--> virgin Mary). After he turned beet red and sputtered a bit, he asked me why I needed to know what a virgin was and then referred me to my Mom. I don't think she told me what it was, but she said it was alright and she wasn't upset.
3. I shaved my head while 7 months pregnant (for a cancer fundraiser). Not the best look, but not bad either.
4. When somewhat inebriated in University I would do "Ethel Merman sings the Eagles" to entertain my friends. Good thing they were drunk too.
5. One of my ears is lower than the other.
6. I am clapping challenged. I have a hard time clapping and singing at the same time and I often clap on the wrong beat.

Yeah, so I don't know who to tag, I only read 4 Blogs and 2 of them are people I don't really know and 1 is Magnolia. Hmmmm.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

To Hear My Own Words....

Last night was the "table read" for Pieces. We held it at Marsha's place and it was an opportunity for she and I to hear the play before auditions. I was a bit nervous and I realized a couple of pages in that I could feel butterflies in my stomach. It was so gratifying to hear the play aloud. I was gratified to learn that it works (at least from my perspective). There was some interesting discussion afterwards that was valuable and reaffirming. It is tough to "put yourself out there", but so rewarding when it works. I am glad that my readers were so good. I tried to invite those I thought would do justice to a cold read. Many fine actors are not great readers. I am fully intending to hand it over to Marsha with the direction and I want to observe as playwright only. It will be hard, but I need to give it away and see if it works. I now pray for excellent actors to audition and be available so that it can be realized. I hope that I have made the characters real enough that it will not require super-human qualities to pull it off successfully. That is what I tried to do.