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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Night Off is Lovely!

I am so happy to have a night off tonight. We were in good enough shape last night at our Dress Rehearsal that our lovely Director said we could all stay home tonight and rest up. We still have a music rehearsal (Sitz Probe or Wander Probe... not sure exactly which) tomorrow night and our final Dress on Sunday, but this evening and Saturday are delightfully off-duty days! Yay! Because I have other things to catch up on and I am looking forward to a couple days where I do not have to wear heels. The media photos are up and our Lighting Designer, Richard Hatfield, also took some great shots during the dress rehearsal last night. I love the photos, but realized that I am fatter than I thought I was (maybe it was just the angle of the photos? Please? the way the costume fits?). Anyhow, it's not surprising, just disappointing. I have got to get in shape. I could wear Spanx but then the costume might be too big so I will suck it up for this show and then make a plan. Another plan. Hopefully the snow goes away soon. Anyhow, if you want to see me onstage (it's been a while for Walterdale) I am in The Threepenny Opera at Walterdale Theatre. It opens on April 6th (Wed) and runs to April 16th (Saturday). Shows are at 8 p.m. with a 2 p.m. Sunday matinee. If you are a student you can come on Monday, April 4th for free (with your I.D.) to the Director's Preview. I play Mrs. Peachum, a thoroughly nasty woman and I am having a hoot playing it. I would love to see you out for it! Tickets are available through Tix on the Square in advance or at the box office 1 hour prior to show time. Tickets are pretty reasonable - the lowest priced theatre tickets in town (we believe in making theatre accessible to as many as possible) and range from $14 - $18. For those of you cash strapped non-students there is a 2 for 1 night on the first Thursday of the run (April 7th). So there is the dirt on the show. It's a bit saucy, a bit nasty, filled with great performances and has fabulous costumes and sets. Come check it out!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sick Kids and Late Rehearsals...

Gibson is quite ill. Bronchial infection. Not fun for him and a bit scary for me since I am rehearsing a musical that opens in a little under 2 weeks. I will be vigilant on my own health. So far I seem okay. The tiredness is the worst right now. He's not sleeping well so he is in with us so we can keep him propped up and react quickly to any nighttime needs like water, tissues, Tylenol. Hopefully the Antibiotics kick in and he starts feeling better soon. I have had to miss class to day to stay home with him. That's alright, I will get the notes form one of my buddies. I miss going out. Of course, I hear the roads are complete crap today, so maybe it was a good thing. I am hoping the two of us can have a little nap this afternoon and I won't feel so tired.

The show is coming along. We had a good run last night. Needs to be tighter, but it wasn't too bad. The set is gorgeous! And from what I have seen of the costumes it is going to look spectacular. Very, very exciting!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Crazy Days Make Me Want to Quit...

Yesterday was a roller coaster ride. So much up and down stuff that it is almost strange to think about it because it feels like a week was packed into the one day. The day started okay, got crappy, got wonderful again, then a rehash of the earlier crap, then pretty good, then grumpy, then some good news, then an out of left field thing that made me go WTF? I wish I could give details, but I can't... so sorry. I can about some of the good stuff. The wonderfulness was the rehearsals for Threepenny. It all of a sudden felt like a show yesterday. Which is weird, because we were missing some key players, but with the people who were away I KNOW they are solid and I could envision them during the run. But for me, it came together. I hope the Director is as happy. We still have a little ways to go, but we have 2 weeks until an audience. It was a nice comfort zone.

Anyhow, days like yesterday some times make me want to say 'to heck with it!' but wise advise from friends prevailed. I cannot live without it and really most of the issues were not really the theatre (although there was plenty of drama). I have taken my deep breaths. Hope I can sleep better tonight. Last night my brain buzzed until 4 in the morning with all the crap from the day.

Interesting talk with my seat buddies in Drama class today. I asked what their favorite shows (best for them - taking into consideration what they personally like and want to see) over the last 2 years were. One said Eurydice and the other sadi The Drowsy Chaperone. I would put both in my top 10, but they were very different. What was your favorite show that you saw over the last two years and why? I am curious what individual people like (as opposed to the masses).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Don't Know...

It's always hard to evaluate a theatrical experience when you go in with high expectations. The last few shows I went to I really, really, really wanted to be blown away, and although the shows were good, they did not blow me away. There were moments and elements of genius - I will give them that, but I never really believed, and the genius wasn't consistent through the whole show. I'm not naming names, because they were good shows, and maybe it is just me (I know people who saw the same show and were thrilled), or the space, or being tired, or constantly being in evaluative mode instead of experience mode, or having too high of expectations, or wanting it all to be as good as the best moments... I just feel bad when immediately after the show and when someone I know really, really liked it asks me what I thought and I literally cannot really remember anything other than what it looked like. Like we are talking within a half hour of seeing the show. I might as well just look at the pictures. I will keep trying. You cannot keep me out of the theatre. I think next time I need to have a couple of drinks beforehand to let down my personal wall to the whole experience. Maybe that would help?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Children are soooooo Cute...

Today was the final presentation for the Boys' Foote Theatre School Drama Classes. Gibson's was at 9:30 A.M. and Oliver's was at 4:00 P.M. so it was a long day. The presentations were very cute. I think the Ziedler was a little too big a space for the little kids as most were inaudible past the first few rows (I don't even know if you could hear them in the 3rd row). But the shows were very cute. I think that if they do the little kids shows in that space they need to incorporate more choral speech or repetition to increase the amount of the show that you could hear. All the 'plays' were well-known fairy tales so that helped and, like I said, the cuteness factor was through the roof. Oliver's class was much easier to hear and I think the space was perfect for them, but I was in the second row this time. I certainly felt the volumes were much more appropriate. I was very pleased with his presentation. Every year I have seen a progression in the quality of the production. To me this is a sign that as the kids move up in age the expectations are also going up and we are seeing a growth. To me this is a sign of a very good program. I feel that the Foote is worth the money (it is on the slightly more expensive side for extracurricular programs) and I think they have some wonderful teachers that work well with a variety of kids. It is always fun for the boys and that is what matter to me.

And they are pretty darn cute on the stage!

Friday, March 11, 2011

500 Posts, Baby!

This is technically 501 - at least according to my dashboard. There may actually be more because I deleted some posts along the way... It is hard to think I have posted that many things in such a relatively short time. Some weeks I was more diligent (read - blah, blah, blabby) while other weeks I was a little more laconic (read - too lazy/busy to write). I should go back and re-read and see what I was up to when I started this...

Anyhow, things are moving along for Threepenny. We stumbled Act Two (off book) yesterday and it went okay. It needs work. It was the first time off-book and that is always fun. Lines for me that were perfect in my bathroom totally flew out of my head once on stage. We also had a couple of people missing and it has been a while since we have done Act Two so that was a challenge. It was good to see what needed work.

School is good. I got a few books today to write my paper. I think one is useless and I shall have to return it, but otherwise I have some other resources. It is hard to write a 500-550 words paper and know that every word has to count. The area of research is also so narrow that finding resources is a challenge. I wanted to get a draft done this weekend because Alex will review the drafts if they are in by Monday, but I am doubtful that I will be able to get one done. We shall see. I did, however, kick major butt on the midterm. I exceeded my expectations - I knew I did well, but I am totally blown away by how I did. It is a releif because with only a midterm, a paper and a final it is godo to have want is basically 1/3 of the course in fabulous shape. I think I do okay on class participation, as well.

Anyhow, it is cold. It is supposed to get warmer next week. I also need to work on my lines... so off I go!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Teacher's Convention... Not so Bad this year...

I wasn't really looking forward to having the 2 of them home all day together, but they were fabulous this year. With the cold being what it was, there would be no outlet in sending them outside to work it out in physical activity. However, other than one of two small altercations over the two days they were great little guys. They took turns, they joked, they played together and apart. Yes, Gibson made several messes on my table involving cutting paper and drawing things and yes, Oliver played a lot of DS, but they also read, played the Wii, played with toys, etc... and they got along for the most part. That was nice.

I also got some work done. Mostly online via email and such, but I also went to class and worked on some playwriting stuff and rehearsed. A production couple of days for me.

Tomorrow night I am going to a show at the U of A - Death and the Maiden. I am looking forward to seeing it. I hope to work on my lines during the day while at the Drama classes, but that is never the best place. I do not rehearse until Tuesday night so I have some time (a small bit) to get some work done. I feel better about it all, but the song words are elusive and there is one I have barely rehearsed (How to Survive). The words ain't easy in this show!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Woke Up With a Headache....

But at least I got to sleep in. I feel like I have been running steady for the last three days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were jam packed days. Today it was nice to not have to get out of bed at 7 a.m. I do have a headache though, which sucks. I didn't have it lying down, it struck as I stood up - so does that mean I should return to the bed? Hmmmmm. I took my Tylenol and I am waiting for progress. I think it is cold induced, in that I clench my teeth a lot more when I am freezing and it has been bitterly cold. Like I am talking Fort McMurray cold... I thought I moved...

Well, I did well at the Oscars. I got 16 correct and the nearest to me was 13 so I won! Last year was the first time we did ballots. I was surprised and delighted with a lovely gift from the hostess. I also get to host next year... I have a year to figure that one out. I went with my gut on some of the choices and it seemed to work. The hostess also found Oscar BINGO online and that was fun. With the somewhat lackluster show, the BINGO picked things up!

Rehearsing for Threepenny is going well. I found last night extremely productive. On Sunday we did a stumble through and that gave a bit of scope to what need to be done. It also gave a nice overview of the show which we have worked in smaller chunks so far. Yesterday we worked through Act One. During my 'down time' Gerald and I worked on our scenes and I feel much, much better about my lines now. I find repetition of small chunks so valuable. And this is a tough script in some ways. Tonight we start choreography... Not sure what numbers - big group ones I hear. I think I may have some 'down time' and I will try to use it to my advantage.