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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Talking with Playwrights - the Artist's Forum

The Artist's Forum went really well last night.  There were about 15-20 people there and I guess that was the best attended one.  I was pleased with the discussion both from the panel and the audience.  A wee bit nervous before it started, I was fine once questions were posed.  I think I was articulate and managed to express what I felt.  I am not an authority though, and I know there was one or two things from the audience that I couldn't solve - How can reviewers be better trained?; How do you get a venue if you don't get picked in the lottery and you can't find a BYOV?; How come there's no Brecht at the festival? Is the Fringe getting too big, too fast? I have no idea on most of those.  But as to risk and the balance of risk vs. saleability I know that I have to write the play I have to write.  Not everyone will be my audience, but some will.  I hope that I always do good and truthful work and that's all I can do.  Because I don't tend to write the side splitting comedies I have to work on writing well so that people will come for the quality not necessarily for the topic.  Not everyone goes to Fringe for the comedies - I know I don't.  I go for the potpourri! I like to see a variety, and I really like a nice solid play - new works beings my favorite!

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