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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Good Day...

Today was the Friday of Teacher's Convention. It was so nice not to have to leave the house for anything. The boys are getting to the age that (for the most part) they can play well together and they also appreciate a day with no running around. I had a couple of big writing and reading tasks that I needed to do and the boys played and I got to work. I completed my Post-Workshop Draft of Zachary and the Storytelling Stones for my meeting on Tuesday and I also finally got around to the second Draft of Mr. Twiddles, the script I am providing dramaturgy for as part of the Play Readings portion of the Footlights Festival. I have felt bad about the second item because my life got crazy-busy with winning the workshop for Zachary so I lost the time I thought I would have over Reading Week to get things done. I had a lot of scripts to read and that had to happen, as did the workshop and whatever work I had for school and L5Y, so unfortunately I pushed Mr. Twiddles to the back burner. I didn't want to do a sloppy job of it and not give it the time it deserved. Today I focused and got the work done.

I also did laundry and managed to make my clothes minty fresh by leaving a full pack of gum in the back pocket of a pair of jeans. Duh!

p.s. Twas nice to wake up singing songs from L5Y. We had a good rehearsal last night. My actors are working so hard and they pick up notes so fast. I will soon become redundant and unnecessary (let's hope not).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Salvaging the day...

I apologized and threw up the white flag... it was thrown back in my face. I can do no more.

I am going to try and salvage the day by writing about what went well.

1. Gibson had a fabulous play-date with Ethan from Fun Factory. You would think having two 4 year olds running around would be crazier than normal, but it was not. It was delightful. They played well and negotiated with each other and there were no fights or tears.

2. I received some lovely e-mails/messages from people complimenting me on what I said (my apology and taking ownership of the error). I appreciate those people. I even got one from someone I do not know, but who was reading and involved in the discussion. I really appreciate this kindness from a stranger. I also appreciate being informed, so thanks to that individual who gave me the heads up. I like tackling things head-on. I will own when I am wrong, but if I don't know about a problem I can't even attempt to apologize for it or repair it. I also received help and support from the Board. My gracious thanks, because I do not know if I deserve it.

3. I finished my homework.

4. I had wonderful thoughts about last night's rehearsal. To think we have completely blocked the show and in such a short amount of time. There are already some lovely, fully realized moments and it can only grow from here.

5. Oliver was very helpful today. I think he sensed my sadness, but for whatever reason, he has been super good and had a good day at school.

6. I bought flowers at the grocery store this morning and they are lovely to look at.

Public vs. Private

Apparently I have stirred up a bit of a 'shitstorm' (not my word, someone else's). I forget that people might possibly read this Blog... well, I know a few who do... friends and family and the like, but I guess I assume I'm not really anybody so I don't think people outside my immediate circle of friends and family actually read this. I guess I am wrong.

Overall, in the previous post I say the show is good (I looked, I say that) and that it had the potential to be tremendous. A show has a life and an evolution. I saw it Opening Night, perhaps with a few more runs the kinks would be smoothed out. Who knows? The trouble with commenting is that people only hear what they think is 'negative'. I am torn on what to do now. I like synthesizing my opinion. I may have to refrain from commenting on theatre productions in future and that concerns me as I really like this blogging thing and theatre is such a big part of my life. I don't want to be a Pollyanna and just say everything is great when better could be done.

Anyhow, I took out the stuff on Hamlet. I may or may not be posting for a while...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Guess I'm Not Dying....

Around Tuesday, I started to feel human again. Only my right hand continued to ache. By Friday, even the hand felt better. Yay! I am so glad I am not dying...

This week has been crazy with my workshop (see more details on On Writing) for Zachary and the Storytelling Stones. Suffice it to say I have written around 7 drafts of the script in one week. Whew!

I did manage to squeeze in (and I mean squeeze) Hamlet (at Walterdale) and Anne of Green Gables (Sherard at Festival Place).

Anne of Green Gables has never been one of my favorite shows. It is a musical based on a very well-known and well-loved book, so it really has to hit the highlights of the book. As a result the story arc is not as finessed as other shows. You can't mess too much with L.M. Montgomery. That being said, I was tentative about seeing it. I have heard that Sherard shows are often uneven with compromised production values that detract from the show. However, I knew several of the cast and felt I should go. I was pleasantly surprised by the show. It was quite nice. Anne was lovely. Not the strongest singer, but she certainly was channelling Meagan Follows and she was a lovely actress and obviously a dancer who could organically incorporate her movement into her performance. The other girls were lovely too. Josie Pye was played by the younger sister of a boy I taught in Fort McMurray. She was very strong. I was also pleased with Judy's performance as Marilla. Judy is a good friend of mine and this was the strongest performance I have ever seen from her. She and Gary (as Matthew) were very strong. The ensemble was earnest, if not even, and everyone contributed to a nice show. Some trouble with the buttons of numbers and the actual ending was thrown away, but it was Opening Night and that may be strengthened over the course of the run.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Struck Down By Illness...

I am still recovering from one of the worst flues that I have ever had. It started Friday with shivers and fever and a total lack of focus. I stumbled through part of the day until I couldn't anymore and then skipped out on a meeting because I really doubted my ability to drive there and home. Instead I went home and slept form 7 p.m. to 9 a.m. and still felt like crap. I woke up several times to medicate and shift and drink water. In the morning on Saturday I was not much better and I napped as I could during the day. I felt a little better on Sunday and went to Hotel For Dogs with Mark and the boys. Immediately upon returning home I fell back in bed. Not better. A long sleep and then I awake Monday morning with a bowling ball sized cold sore upon my lip. What the -?!?! I had never had one before and to be blessed with one that size through me into a tailspin which literally resulted in a 1/2 hour cry and a phone call to Mark for remedy. Since Monday I have been up and down. Feeling somewhat better in some ways and not in others. I ache in different places every few hours. The back of my head and neck have been the worst, but Mark assures me I do not have meningitis. He better be right...

It is a week later. My fingers and right knee are stiff and achey. I can stomach Diet Coke again and my appetite has returned to some degree. I am hoping for a complete recovery by Sunday...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wiggles and Whining...

That's what the last few days have felt like. Okay, the Wiggles were just on and I liked the alliteration, but the whining has been palpable in the house the last few days. However effective it is to remove the DS from Oliver as a punishment, you still have to put up with the whining when he doesn't have access to it. I am praying for a good day at school today so he earns it back and the whinging stops. Gibson has had his fair share, but that usually only happens when he is tired so I am a little more tolerant of it.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Home for a rest...

This past week I started work on The Last Five Years. I am directing my good friends, Magnolia and El Muchacho (his new title) in this wonderful 2 person musical. I had my first rehearsal with Magnolia on Tuesday and we did a nice chronological track through the script. I love this part. I love the 'mining' and the talking and sorting out what the story is all about for this character. To do this show right, you have to know the separate journeys of the two characters. If you are playing one of them, you have to feel right, even when the character makes mistakes. I can imagine people leaving this show thinking 'she was right/he was wrong' or 'she was wrong/he was right'. I want people to leave thinking they were both right and both wrong. I want no villains and no heroes. I want real people. So, we have a good time walking through.

I was supposed to rehearse Thursday and found I couldn't. I was hit by something. I don't know if I caught whatever Oliver had on Tuesday, or if I just needed to stop for a moment. Because when I thought about it, I realized I had not stopped going, going, going since I can't remember. I thought it was just since before Black Hearts, but then I thought about it and realized I came right into that from the Walterdale Gala, and into that from the Fringe, and into the Fringe from the One Acts and Baby and before that Crimes... Maybe I just needed a few days off? I have to watch that in myself because if I don't watch it I will pile up everything, one thing on top of another. I worry that if I don't do this or don't do that I will miss the opportunity. I have to make myself happy with the bounty I have, because I am by no means sitting on my butt doing nothing.

Anyhow, by Sunday I felt better. I took it easy Thursday, Friday and Saturday and this made it nice to go into rehearsal on Sunday and get some work done. We roughed out 4 of the songs and did more mining and tracking and I feel real good about it. I can't wait to get both of my cast members together and in a month it should feel even more exciting.