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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Spoonful of Sugar... My Date with Gibson and Mary Poppins!

Last night I took my youngest son to see the Broadway Across Canada Production of Mary Poppins.  It was quite delightful.  The stage show is very different from the movie (at least what I remember of it), but it captures the essence of it and this production definitely went for creating the magical.  One of the most joyful things for me about it was being there with Gibson and seeing it through his eyes. From the moment the set started moving he was whispering "How'd they do that?" and "It's like magic!". He looked for the strings in the flying parts and told me when he saw they but seemed more delighted with that than when he couldn't see them and underscored it with "It's still cool, Mom!". Watching him (and feeling him - that chair was bouncing!) dance in his seat during Step In Time was pure fun! I loved it when he recognized that it was 'lucky' when Mr. banks shook Bert's hand (a big O-shaped mouth and a grab at my arm when that happened). I highly recommend taking a child with you if you get to see this show.

I might have to go and re-watch the movie, or not... I haven't decided.  I liked the differences.  I liked how it was more about Mr. and Mrs. Banks than I remembered.  I loved the whimsy and the colour of Mary Poppins' adventures as they contrasted with the dull greys of non-adventure London.  I liked the sweet romance between Bert and Mary.  This production was smooth and hit all it's moments just right. They certainly knew what story they were telling.  I also enjoyed seeing a variety of people up on the stage.   The story may be set in a very anglo-saxon world, but it is a children's fantasy story, and I felt it was a stronger piece for the inclusion of people of different colours. I was certainly glad to hear such a strong cast belting out with fabulous voices and was thrilled by the outstanding dancing.  I am always in favour when the most talented people are on the stage in front of me!  Mary Poppins (Rachel Wallace) herself was perfect and I enjoyed her vanity and sense of fun.  We saw the understudy for Bert (Con O'Shea-Creal) but there was nothing missing there. 

It was a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Night!

* Mary Poppins marks # 29 of my 2012 Theatre Goal (only 11 to go and I still have Fringe ahead of me!).

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Mary Poppins said...

I love Mary Poppins! love your post also! :)