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Friday, August 24, 2012

Loose Lips...

Here are some more Word of Mouth recommendations - some are repeats, but that just tells you I heard them from more than one person! Here they are in no particular order except for the first two.

Loon - this is the most often heard show on the grounds when I ask the question
Apocalypse: A Period Piece - 2nd most frequent
Gruesome Playground Injuries
Reefer Madness
Spare Change
A Kind of Alaska/Victoria Station
Fools for Love
Progressive Polygamists
Finding Nymma
Mojo Mickeybo
Sexual Perversity in Chicago

I heard a lot of the same shows mentioned.  I find it interesting which shows I am NOT hearing about, which I would have thought would have been up there based on things like reviews and # of stars and all that. Food for thought!  I do like that there is a real mix up there.  Some are local, some are not, some  are funny, some are serious, clown shows, mask shows, plays and musicals - it's all there!

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