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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

So Do You Have a Fringe Show?

I have been asked this upwards of 50 times last month and it is kind of making me wish I did.  Let's hope I get in next year after taking a year off!  I do have some connections to the Fringe this year...

I am doing this:


Wednesday, August 22, 2012 8:30 – 9:30 PM
Join local playwrights as they probe questions about the size and scope of the risks they take in their Fringe work. Should new works at the Fringe strive to take risks that may not be possible in a regular theatre season? Should a playwright go ‘to the edge’ at the Fringe, or does too much “fringy-ness” turn away audiences?
MODERATOR: Eric Rice (President, Walterdale Playhouse)
PANELISTS: Marty Chan (author of the 2011 Fringe hit Mothership Down), Kristen Finlay (author of the 2011 Fringe hit Pieces), Nicole Schafenacker (co-author of the 2012 Nextfest play Double Occultation), Jon Lachlan Stewart (co-founder of Surreal SoReal Theatre)

This will be very cool to participate in.  I feel like a bit of a safe-bunny compared to the other panelists, but I think I have a perspective not only as a playwright, but as a director and as an audience member with regards to how far a show should go?   I am also doing this:

PLAY IN A DAY Thursday, August 23, 2012 8:30 – 9:30 PM
LOCATION: PCL Studio at the TransAlta Arts Barns
10330 – 84 Ave. (south end of the Arts Barns) [map]
24 hours. One play. One winner. Play in a Day is a 24-hour playwriting competition that aims not only to crown a victorious writer at the end of a highly-caffeinated process, but also to see the work created in that short period, evolve and develop into something more. The winner of this competition will be announced and the play will be read.

I am participating in the competition, in any case.  While it would be nice to win, I will be thrilled just to get the words on the page.  That's the hardest part for me! There are too many distractions in my life for me to write as much as I would like but an event dedicated to getting 'er done will help!

I also was lucky enough to be brought on-board to Dramaturge the following show for a wonderful group of performers.  I worked with three of them before (all separately) and it was nice to meet the fourth.  This project was a nice application of my skills.  When three people come together to construct a script, it is good to have that outside eye and ear to get a sense of the shape of the piece. This one you can catch at the Fringe!

The Colander Gals at the Edmonton Fringe Festival!
BYOV Venue #29: Trinity Lutheran Church 10014 – 81 Avenue
(NOT to be confused with Holy Trinity, a DIFFERENT Fringe venue!)

SHOW DATES AND TIMES: (the show runs 90minutes)
Thursday Aug 16 @ 8pm
Friday Aug 17 @ 8pm
Saturday Aug 18 @ 5pm
Sunday Aug 19 @ 4pm
Monday Aug 20 @ 6pm
Tuesday Aug 21 @ 8pm
Wednesday Aug 22 @ 7pm
Thursday Aug 23 @ 8pm

Friday Aug 24 @ 8:30pm
Saturday Aug 25 @ 6pm
Sunday Aug 26 @ 2pm

Set in the 1950s, The Colander Gals uses the AWI (Alberta Women’s Institute) as a vehicle for telling the fictional story of four rural women from central Alberta. The women come together as acquaintances to put on a musical variety show as a fundraiser for their community. Through the course of the play and its accompanying songs, we get snapshots of the lives of these women and the challenges, laughs and sisterhood that turn them into dear friends.

The Colander Gals is a NEW collective creation by the "Gals" of Shine On Productions (the folks who brought you the '90s Fringe hit WHATEVER LOLA WANTS) and features Hansi Klemm, Julie Sinclair, Mary Stevenson and Gail Olmstead (Music Director) with dramaturgy by Kristen M. Finlay. Janine Hodder is our fabulous photographer. Trinity Lutheran will be also be selling refreshments starting 1-hour prior to the show.

So, I guess with all this, I could say that I am doing something for the Fringe this year!

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