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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finished with about 3 Hours to Spare...

There comes a time in the 24 hour playwrighting adventure where I just can't do much more.  I know that I will do more with the script eventually but for now it's a first draft,  it's pretty solid, and it's submitted.  I had time to print it off and proof it.  I had a good time and now I am tired.  I need to shower and I really want a  nap... maybe Mark will take the boys outside or something.

It's back to normal here - Oliver whining about not being allowed to play his DS (Mark made some arbitrary decision - not sure why), and the kitchen is a mess.

Tomorrow I am back at the Fringe for Spring Awakening, Bromance and A Bronte Burlesque.  I'd better rest up!

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Justen said...

Congrats on finishing!