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Monday, August 20, 2012

And Three More Shows...

Saw three more shows today.  This pace is actually slow for me, but I lost the Sunday to playwrighting so there ya go.

This afternoon I saw Spring Awakening at Strathcona High School.  It was a FABULOUS Show!  Easily worth 2-3 times the price of admission.  Strong vocals, well cast and well directed.  The music was great and it's a very compelling show.  I highly recommend.  It is toasty in the space - so bring or buy water and leave your jacket in the car.  It's also 2 hours + so you have to plan for that, but it is well worth the time and the heat!

In the evening I caught Bromance and then A Bronte Burlesque.   I am a little old to have truly connected to Bromance.  I think it plays better to a young and single demographic.  It has been many years since I have been young or single and although I recognize the character types in the play, I am a bit removed from them.  There were some clever parts and quite a few laughs but the combination of my old age and the challenges of the venue kept me from fully engaging.

Despite picking a really bad seat, I loved A Bronte Burlesque.  The script was extremely compelling and well written and it was well performed.  Interestingly, however, I felt the play could have stood well enough without the burlesque numbers.  The writing was that good.  I certainly hope that this one gets some recognition in that respect (Can you hear me Sterling Jury?!).  If you go to this one and you are really interested in the burlesque portions, try to get a seat in the centre or right side of the house as sight lines from the extreme left are challenging for some of the numbers that use the depth of the stage, but I loved the show despite not being able to see it all.  I did feel that some of the movement choices lent a lot to the production, but I didn't need all of it. I thought the actors and the script did such a good job of telling the story already.  The guy in front of me, however, was very, very into the burlesque... to each his or her own!

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