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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Seven Dollars of Joy - My Fringe Program

Yesterday I bought tickets for my Thursday and Friday shows, but before I could do much more planning I knew I needed a program.  There are just too many BYOVs and I am loath to do the planning and buy tickets and then find out I have 15 minutes to get from Fringe Village to Expressionz Cafe or The stanley Milner Library.  Can't be done. So, I went down to the Box Offic, picked up my tickets (all for shows in the Village proper) and bought my Program.  The Program is the most valuable resource for any die-hard fringer, especially with the plethora of BYOVs.  If you casually fringe you can probably get away with not buying one - but I have to very carefully plan my fringe experience so I have to make it work right and there are shows I want to see at these off-site BYOVs so I have to figure out when I will get to them.

I flipped through the Program.  I had read through the online synopsis for all the shows the day before so I got through it faster than you might have thought, but was glad for the program because it has more information that the online version (cast lists, company names, playwrights and directors) so there were more to add to my list.  I circled 57 shows.  Now, I will not get to 57 shows.  I can't do it.  I am aiming for between 15-20 because I cannot fringe the first  Saturday night and Sunday all day (Play in a Day) and I will lose the Wednesday night (Artist's Forum).  If I get to 15 I will be happy.

So far I have tickets for:
The Kidprovisors - taking the kids!
Angels on Horseback
The Be Arthurs
I have specific plans to see:
A Bronte Burlesque
Miss Julie
The Colander Gals   And I really, really want to see: Son of a Dwarf!
Reefer Madness
The Wasteland The Haunted Reel
And a whole bunch (40 or so) more that look really interesting and potentially cool - I will make whatever works, work. Bottom line - I could not have a very good Fringe without the Program.  It is the best $7 I could spend to make my Fringe a good one!

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