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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Who Do You Vote For?

I am a married woman (coming up on 15 years) with 2 small children that I chose to stay home with as opposed to putting them in daycare. Although I taught for 14 years I no longer do and , my husband and I own a small business in the health care field. We employ several part time employees (and we voluntarily pay them above the minimum wage and often give raises unasked). We invest in RRSPs and RESPs for our children. We own a house with a mortgage. I do a lot of volunteer work in the arts and occasionally get financial compensation for that. I do not rely on that compensation for my living - my business supports me. I give to charities, primarily in arts and health. I spend 20 hours a week minimum in volunteer activities. I also go to University part-time and use this to pay in for my additional health care. My children are in arts and sports activities. Who should I vote for and why? And by WHY, I mean, how does that party represent my interests?

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