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Monday, April 25, 2011

This I like... not my riding however...

On Twitter someone posted a link to youtube where the Edmonton Journal interviewed the candidates in at least 2 ridings about specific policies.

There are interviews with the Strathcona Riding candidates as well as the Edmonton Centre Ridings. It is a cool way to compare the 4 candidates in each riding as well as the parties themselves since the questions are policy related. Each is given a chance to answer the question, and the set-up is respectful and clear. I am searching to see if something similar was done in my Riding. I am not a person to blindly vote for the party. I have mentioned before that no one party fits me, so the individual candidate is important to me too. Anyhow, check this out. It is a nice way to look at the issues.

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Finster said...

Follow Up: Although not the same format - I found a number of posting from an all candidates forum for my Riding on You Tube as well. Very informative.