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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Behind Again... and here I am Blogging...

Yesterday was demolished by errands and cyberspace. I have to get a computer that is not linked to the internet so I don't waste so much time on Facebook and Twitter. My great writing push from earlier in the week did not extend into yesterday and today has been tied up with errands, Store work (payday tomorrow!), and a lunch date. Hopefully I will get something done this afternoon. There is tomorrow, but I plan to be napping after the wedding. Yes, I am planning on watching. I am hoping it takes my mind off the election.

Tonight I have my one-on-one for A Little Night Music. I haven't finished my Character Study, but I have done a bit on it. It feels weird to do it when I haven't done anything but a read-through on the show. I am really adverse to making definitive choices for my character until I work with the text aloud and with the other actors. I know, it sounds like excuses, but those of you who have worked with me as a Director, you know that I work very intensively with the text for many, many, many hours of rehearsal before I start pushing for more concrete choices. I just don't know what to expect from this one-on-one and I worry it will be a waste of time after we get it on it's feet and start hearing and speaking the words. sigh. I also want a schedule for next week and after sooner rather than later. I can only hold those days open for so long. It will burn my butt if I save them and find out last minute that we aren't rehearsing. I have three other shows on the go, so time is valuable for me. I messaged the Director yesterday and she said we should be getting a schedule asap, but it has not showed up in my in-box yet. Frustrating. I will ask tonight at the one-on-one. I just need to know so that I can plan my life and the rest of the stuff I have to get scheduled.

On a more positive note - I will be seeing Into the Woods (ELOPE) and Boygroove (Impulse Theatre) this weekend. Two musicals, very different, in one weekend. Should be fun!

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