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Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Ups Than Downs! Yay!

Well, the cat is so much better. She was over-prescribed on the dosage for her insulin and after she spent a day with the vet getting her stabilized she is home and back to normal with a much lower dosage that seems to be working. So much better.

The show is doing well. We have had really nice full audiences (100+) for the first three nights and last night (Saturday) was SOLD OUT! Hurrah! We usually do well on the Sunday matinee so I expect to see quite a few there today. I have had a lot of my friends come and they have been very positive for the most part (I have one friend who didn't like it but she didn't like the music and I think it wasn't her kind of show - fair enough). The reviews are good and I have been blessed with being singled out in a nice way.

Right now my hair is in curlers. I wish I could nap with them in because I do not feel I got to sleep in as late as I would have liked. I am thinking of exploring a way to sleep sitting up!

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