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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Downtime... How unusual...

So the show closed this weekend. It was a fabulous experience. I know, if it wasn't great to do it, you wouldn't put all that time in for free. But beyond the usual greatness of doing a show, this particular experience was even better. The cast and crew really bonded and the show itself grew because of that. I personally had a great time and felt that I grew a bit through the experience. The show is not typical of musical theatre. How could it be? It's freaking Brecht and Weill! I found this the toughest music I have ever had to learn. It isn't stuff you can hum at home on your own unless you have listened to it over and over and over again. I can hum a few songs now (not my own though). The show is not nice and pretty, neither is the music, but it is funny and sharp and cynical and rude and a bit crude. We had fantastic costumes and an amazing set and wonderful musicians and I feel like I made many good friends through it. I know not all my friends who came to see it liked it. Not their kind of show. Only a few let that show... Most really seemed to get it and enjoy it for what it was. The houses were big and except for one strangely quiet night, they were very responsive. Now we are done and I move on to my next, count 'em, 4 projects. From Cradle to Stage is first up. From our Production Meeting yesterday things are well under way and I don't have much to do until I can start painting. Village of Idiots should be cast now. I am waiting on a cast list. I am also waiting to meet with people about the set construction/drafting. We can't start the actual build until June, but I also have to get to work on props. I also have the next two weeks to re-write my Fringe show, Pieces. I want to start scheduling but I don't know my schedule on my last project, A Little Night Music. I got the part of Charlotte!!! Yay! I have to do a Character Study - not so yay... I don't typically do those anymore (like not for about 15 years) as I tend to approach my acting from an objectives/reaction kind of process... knowing the favorite food of my character is really unimportant to me onstage. Anyhow, I will get it done, it just feels like homework and for a hobby I would rather not have homework. I would rather use the time to learn lines and the music, but whatevs... We had the first read-through yesterday and I think we have a nice strong cast (some were missing, I will assume they are as good as those who were there). The really nice thing is that over the next 2 weeks I have only 2 scheduled things, so I feel so incredibly free right now! Yay!

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