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Monday, April 04, 2011

Two Weeks of Tired Commences Today!

Tonight is Director's Preview for The Threepenny Opera. Yesterday we had our final Dress and theatre clean. It went so fast (the clean) - the benefit of having a large cast. We feel very ready - we need the reaction from the audience. I now enter 2 weeks of tired. The show itself runs about 2 1/4 hours so I should be able to get home by 11 each night (if I forgo make-up removal). Of course, then I need to de-brain before I can fall asleep. This week I should be able to get a little rest int he day (not today - errands) if I judiciously nap. Next week I have a 3 day project that will preclude napping. Sigh. I also have some homework this week - reading. Pray for me! I am sure the show will energize me and my feet seem to have adjusted to the wearing of the high heels. I had an awful time last week with my feet, but they are not so bad today. I also have to deal with the doing of the hair. That will take some coordination. I think I have a plan... Anyhow, I hope to see you out for the show. It is quite a little piece full of nasty people and a delightfully cynical view of the world!

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