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Monday, April 11, 2011

Audition - A Little Night Music

I had my callback for A Little Night Music tonight. It went well for me and I am happy with what I did. It went well for the other actress up for the same role, too. So, I think they can go either way. I will be cool with that. It would be different if I was obviously better and didn't get it. I think they will have a hard decision to make and I am glad I do not have to make it. I love the part though, and the song (Every Day A Little Death) so I will keep my fingers crossed. Also, I know a lot of great people in the cast or up for roles, so it would be nice to play with them. I wish my life weren't so busy, because then I would have opened myself up for more options int he show, but it is jam packed already so a cameo is about all I can handle at this point. I will keep you posted!

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