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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Word of Mouth - Fringe 2014 - Wednesday, August 20th

These are from the last two days.  I've had some great conversations with people in line.  Remember, read the program for what kind of shows these are.  They are what people recommended, but you may not like certain types of shows or some kinds of content and they might be on this list!  My favorite is on this list (eleven-oh-four) so I encourage you to check that out!

We Glow
Body of Light
Bull's Heart
Zanna Don't
The Deep Blue Sea
Flora and Fawna
Little Monsters*
Harold of Galactus
Newman Mentalism Presents: Mind Games
Letters to Laura
Her Mark
3... 2... 1...
This is Cancer

I hope to have some more conversations tomorrow! Enjoy the Fringe! Go see a show!

* Yeah, so these are my shows - but those were the recommendations.  I did know the people, but they insisted they were recommending honestly based on what they saw.

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