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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Word of Mouth - Fringe 2014 - Thursday, August 22nd

Here are the Word of Mouth Recommendations for Thursday, August 22nd. I had both my shows back to back today and then saw two shows so I didn't get to ask a lot of people... but here you go!

Shangri-La - I have to say I have received the most number of recommendations for this show than any other.  It shows up in the list on any given day only once, BUT I actually have had more than one person that day recommend it. I'm hoping to fit it in, if I can. 

Eavesdrop - This is also a repeat!

Her Mark - Also a repeat!

God is a Scottish Drag Queen - Again!

3... 2... 1... - We've seen this one before too!

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman - First day to make the list!

AN UPDATE - I keep forgetting to put Crookback on this list.  It came to me from someone via twitter so it wasn't in my notebook, but they wanted me to make sure I got it on the list!

I hope you all make it out to some shows - I cannot guarantee the pedigree of these recommendations, but the repeats make me think that there is something to them!  Happy Fringing!

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