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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fringe 2014 - From Friday to Sunday!

I've managed to rack up a few shows this weekend, in between opening both of my own shows, and trips to the beer tent to visit with friends! Here are some of the highlights:

Thom Pain - It's a a cool, challenging piece of theatre excellently performed and directed.  Key word is challenging.  This company has taken a real risk with this play, but isn't that what Fringe is all about?

Famished - I laughed so much at this completely inappropriate musical about zombies in Victorian England. Well-sung and it holds no quarter on crossing lines. You have to appreciate the politically incorrect.  If you can't, then this is not for you.

Letters and Words - A Dance Show!? Yes! I haven't seen a dance show in years, but I was so glad to see this.  So wonderful to see such strong, powerful, graceful women in this piece.  I found it so engaging. The music was very cool and sometimes it was whimsical, sometimes sad, and sometimes in-your-face funny. I guess I need to see more dance shows!

11 O'Clock Number - So much fun!  I'm not sure if I like it best when the songs are perfect (There was one that was perfect - Model Girlfriend - could have been written down and recorded) or when they aren't (There's a hilarity in the weird rhyming and sometimes nonesensical lyrics). So much fun in a "how'd they do that?" kind of way.  Oh, and now I really want a pony!

Rat Wives - I'm amazed that this was a first time directing foray for Brad Bishop - it was so well done and the script is so funny.  I think theatre people or at least literary people will appreciate it the most, but it's sharp and witty and the four actresses on stage were great.

Ligature Marks - This was a super cool script and the two person cast (Morgan Smith and Chris Schultz) were completely up to the task.  Very timely, a bit of an edge, and clean and sharp.  I really liked this one.

Tin - For those of you who like the true "Fringe Experience" - a show in a Shipping Container.  I had to push myself outside my comfort zone to do this one, but the production was great in providing a cold water bottle (necessary and so appreciated) and the option to sit close to the door if you are claustrophobic.  The play itself was emotionally charged and the space helped contribute to that tension.

Flora and Fawna - I love, love, loved this show!  So funny and engaging. I didn't realize that Drag Shows could have a message underneath all the laughs (this was my first).  I even teared up at the end.  Every girl (or boy) should get to be a Nature-Elle! I highly recommend! I do have to find someone to ask about a couple of the badge names, but I might just have to go to the Urban Dictionary so as to not expose my ignorance!

The City That Eats You - I can't remember why I picked this one, but I was glad I did.  Two very strong actors and a truly original idea in the script.  It's a little bit police procedural, a little bit sci-fi, a dash of poetic language, a wonderful convention of parsing memories, and two really strong women onstage.  I liked it.

I hope you get to see some of these shows!  I'll be back at it tomorrow!

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