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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fringe - From Monday to Wednesday...

I slowed down a bit because having two shows was catching up to me, but I have still seen some good things.  Here are the highlights of Monday to Wednesday:

The Deep Blue - Moody, tortured, well-acted and directed. If you like a serious piece and if your fringe show choice doesn't have to be about laughs, this is a solid choice.

Her Mark - Atmospheric monologues about a family of women from Newfoundland.  Gorgeous lighting and authentic in look and tone.  I loved hearing the accents (reminded me of home - Fort McMurray).  Cheryl Jameson delivers one monologue that nearly broke my heart.

Little Miss Understood - Any parent of a teen will relate to this, although the teen onstage seemed far more likable than was implied (maybe I'm just comparing her to my own). It's a light comedy and suitable for 10 and up.

eleven-oh-four - I CANNOT SAY ANY MORE STRONGLY: SEE THIS SHOW - This is my favorite of the Fringe so far. I am not done, but this is a brilliant new work, written and performed by Cat Walsh.  She is excellent, hilarious, and note perfect.  It's very funny, a little creepy and proof that simplicity is often best, especially with a strong script.

I hope you are all getting out to shows. I have 9 more tickets purchased and room for a couple more if I have the brain for it. I also have my second double header for Little Monsters and Crack tomorrow so if you are free in the afternoon - come and check them out! Crack is on at 2:30 p.m. and Little Monsters is at 4:45 p.m.

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