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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fringe Day One: Super Start to My 2014 Fringe with Plain Janes Superman!

I only saw one show today, but I'm a little spent!  Of course, I also walked in the parade and worked all day, so maybe my tiredness has something to do with that.  The energy was celebratory at the Fringe site as we visited with the other performers waiting for the Parade to start and I think we were all glad that Fringe was finally here! Huzzah!

My first show was the Plain Janes production of It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Superman at the Varscona. I really enjoyed Little Fish last year at the Fringe and the offerings from Plain Janes during the season, so I thought this would be a great kick off to the Festival.  It was bubbly and snappy with great singing and dancing.  The script is light-hearted and the cast ran with that.  Sheldon Elter made a perfect Superman/Clark Kent - I loved the contrast to how he played each persona, and Elena Porter was a feisty no-nonsense Lois Lane.  I think my favorite was Ryan Parker as the narcissistic Max Mencken, but there are no weak links in this show.  There are a lot of fun songs in this new-to-me musical.  It's got a real fun cheekiness to it! Perfect for all ages!

Tomorrow I have a few shows to hit (I think 5?), but my focus is really going to be on the first performance of Crack at 2:30 p.m.  Once that is up and running I can relax and watch some others!

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