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Saturday, August 02, 2014

It's Finally August... You know what that means... FRINGE!!!!

Summer is interesting when you are producing a Fringe show.  July becomes all about prep and then when August hits it feels like an hour glass has been tipped over and started and away you go!  This is exaggerated even more when you are producing and directing TWO Fringe shows (one of which you are also Playwright for).  It's a Fringe show, so I am also set designer, props mistress, costume designer (well, of a sort - they are both pull-shows, as is pull from your closets, but this is what I want...), marketer and media rep. I'm so lucky to have a fabulous Sound Designer in Erin Foster-O'Riordan (who is also acting in one of the shows) because she always takes sound design as a challenge and gives me more than I can even imagine. I'm also blessed with fabulous Casts and wonderful Stage Management teams who work hard and bring their own special talents to the projects.  AND I am not only getting to see another one of my scripts realized onstage, but also a lovely, layered piece by first-time playwright, Anne Marie Szucs - how blessed am I to be trusted with directing and producing someone's first play?!

But August is now upon us and we are, or will be, ready when the audiences come. Both shows are blocked and off-book (for the most part), all the set pieces are acquired and painted if need be, almost all the props are done (there are a few consumables that will be purchased day-of-show), and we head into this last week before tech ready to run and clean!

Here are my two shows.  I hope you can make it out to one of both of them.

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