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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fringe Highlights, Thursday, August 21st - TONIGHT I LAUGHED! A LOT!!

Today was our Back to Back Shows day for Crack and Little Monsters.  Both shows went well with healthy audiences for the afternoon and engaged and appreciative audiences.  So wonderful to see familiar faces as well as new faces of people who just came to check us out. We only have one more show left for Crack (Sunday - 8 p.m.) but there are two chances to catch Little Monsters (Friday - 12:30 p.m. and Saturday - 11 p.m.). The response for both has been terrific so I hope you get a chance to catch one or both of them.

After the double feature I took in my Janine Hodder Double Feature!  First up was Swordplay by David Belke with music by Darrin Hagen. It's a silly but clever story of royal siblings separated at birth with a prophecy and evil villains and assassins.  The cast was wonderful.  Great voices from pretty much everyone (although I wished for mics - but it is fringe) and excellent comic timing and choices.  Mat Busby was delightful as the not so bright but charming suitor to Jenna Dykes, the far from helpless princess in disguise.  Loved the fight scenes, especially the ones between Garrett Ross and Janine Hodder. I think, however, the one that made me laugh the most was Jason Hardwick as the Evil usurper.  He was very funny in Superman, but he certainly kicked up a notch for this one. It's silly fun, but this cast makes it a good choice!

Then it was off to McCrackin 2: The Whackining all the way down on 109th street.  The place was packed and it is huge.  I'm betting the Fringe grounds were empty because everyone was at McCrackin!  Accidental Humour does such an amazing job, but this time it felt like they outdid themselves.  Playing on action movie tropes with a seriousness of tone that amps up the parody, they pulled out all the stops. I laughed. A. Lot. I'm pretty loud too... so I think they must know how much I enjoyed it. I wish, wish, wish I could see it again, but I have a show on Friday and Saturday.  I'm crossing my fingers for hold-overs because I really, really, really want to see it again. I also feel like we all didn't really pay them enough for what we got.  You can see they haven't cut corners.  I think there was over 300 people there tonight.  I hear the sales for Saturday are already pretty good, so I'd suggest buying now and going to see it.  It's a movie and a play and both are hysterical. 

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