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Friday, May 17, 2013

Two Shows Down! Happy Director Dance!

I just got home from the second show in the run.  I took Mark to Opening Night yesterday and he was up onstage as one of the audience volunteers.  It was fun to see him up there as he knew very little about the show despite being my husband and because he is very competitive so he REALLY wanted to get the words right.  The show was wonderfully received.  I so enjoy how much the audience laughs.  The best post show comment for me, however, was from a friend who said:

"I knew I would be laughing, but I wasn't expecting to cry."  

I felt like I had succeeded because I really wanted it to be more than just another fun musical.  It is that, but I also wanted it to have heart and a sense of realness under the quirky exteriors of the competitors.

Tonight I took Oliver, who is almost 12, to see the second performance. I was concerned about the "inappropriate for young children song" (not it's real name), but I needn't have worried.  Oliver was more concerned about the candy than actually paying attention to the song.  He has fun and I was very, very pleased as the show was even better than Opening.  The first night had a wonderful electricity as Opening Nights often do, but tonight was clean and sharp and still so very, very present.  Happy Director Dance for me!

And then I came home to this brilliant review from the St. Albert Gazette.  So pleased with the analysis and assessment of the show as a whole and of the individual performances.  A very nice end to a long week!

Selected Quotes from the Review:

"The talented cast has attacked William Finn’s score with tons of energy and are fearless in taking risks. They immediately establish their characters without straying into caricature.

Kudos to director Kristin Finlay for channelling the energies of an engaging cast of adults playing children.

But throughout this frothy fun there are some important lessons to learn. Family isn’t always right, and it’s all right to win and just as okay to lose."

- Anna Borowiecki, St. Albert Gazette

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