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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Meet the Cast of Spelling Bee - Rolando and Erin!

Rolando Bautista

What is your role in this show? I play Paul Coneybear, one of Leafs siblings.

What is your background in theatre? When I was in high school I did Pippin, Urinetown, and Babes in Arms. But that was kind of it, haha. I’ve never taken any singing lessons, most of the techniques that I use now (which isn’t very much) when I sing is mostly self-taught, but I think I’ve gotten pretty far considering! This is my very first ELOPE production, actually my very first production outside of high school and I’m extremely happy to be a part it!

What is your favourite word to spell? My favourite word to spell  is Awkward because it just has a weird vibe to it when you’re spelling it as compared to saying it, not quite sure how to explain it but it’s a weird word to spell but I like it.

Erin Foster-O'Riordan

What is your role in this show? Olive's mother, or more precisely, Olive's dream version of her mother--a dream where her mom is longing to be with her as much as she longs to be with her mom.

What is your background in theatre?  After years of being far too serious for my own good, I re-connected with my love of theatre, and am so grateful for the experiences I've had, and the people I've met. With ELOPE, I appeared in Baby as part of the ensemble of crazy mamas, and as Irene Malloy in Hello, Dolly!  Favourite roles elsewhere include Truvy in Steel Magnolias, the Wife in Putting it Together, and Cathy in The Last Five Years.  

What is your favourite word to spell? Chimerical. So beautiful yet so melancholy!

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