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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Lights Go Out But Not the Show!

So yesterday I wasn't feeling well, so I made the call to stay home and miss the show, and MISS THE SHOW I DID!  What happened was apparently an AMAZING Night of THEATRE!  About 15 minutes from the end of the show, the theatre lost power and the show was stopped.  When the tech determined that it was not coming back on he made the announcement that the space would have to be evacuated into the Lobby.  The audience cried out, "But how will we know who wins?!" and in less than 30 seconds the cast and band moved the show into the Lobby and performed the rest of the show there.  Luckily there was a piano in the lobby and two of the musicians had portable instruments (no drums, but our drummer air-drummed along with the rest of the show).  The audience sat on lobby chairs and stood and some even sat on the floor and they were rapt.  The cast adjusted their choreography and blocking to the new space and just went with it.  They all describe the evening as magical.  How I wish I was there!

It is a true testament to The Show Must Go On!  I know that it worked because they all knew their characters and stories so well that it didn't matter where they were when they told it, but only that they told it truthfully.  Where you might except a potential train wreck, they were graceful and fluid - going with it.  It was described to me by someone in the audience as follows:

"It was an amazing moment of "the show must go on" -- congrats to everyone involved, it was a fantastic production & a beautifully committed ending!"

They are truly inspiring to me!

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