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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Pieces Falling Into Place... Walterdale One Acts and ELOPE Spelling Bee...

Both of the productions that I am working on are getting close.  I like this time, for the most part, especially when things are running smoothly. This afternoon, I watched the rehearsal for both of the One Acts in Walterdale's From Cradle to Stage today so I could see what the set looked like under the lights to check on colours and such and I was delighted on more than one front.  First, the way lighting designer, Brad Melrose, has lit both shows really works to transform the space into two distinct environments.  This is not easy when one place takes place outside in a wooded ravine and the other is inside a mental health facility.  I was very happy with what he did.  I was also so pleased to see where each of the shows were at in terms of the acting and such.  I think that the playwrights will be pleased with how the directors have served their work.  I haven't had any contact with the shows since the first read through, although I have spoken to the directors with regards to set and props, so it was great to see that the plays were clearly in good hands!

In the evening we had a  cleaning and spacing rehearsal for Spelling Bee.  Choreographer Jake Hastey was back with us to see where we were at with the dance numbers.  I was very happy that we were able to show him some really clean numbers that he didnt' have to do much more with.  I always want the dance in my shows to be top-notch, so I made sure that we worked them a lot in Jake's absence.  Kudos to our two Dance Captains, Kelly Webber and Cleo Halls, for leading that over the last few weeks.  I was very proud of my cast tonight!

I was also tickled to get a phone call from my Mom, saying she went to Let the Light of Day Through at Theatre Network because she read about it in my blog.  She said she wouldn't have gone if not for the write up I did as she couldn't really tell much about it from the advertisements.  She loved it. So I am glad that I helped get her there.

Photo: Director Eric Rice on the Exposure set... setting lights.

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