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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Homestretch! Feels Like We Need An Audience!

The ensemble cleaning arms for I Speak Six Languages (featured in picture: Kelly Webber and Meredith Honda) 
So, there are only two more rehearsals for Spelling Bee before we install in the space on Monday.  We have Sitz Probe tonight.  This is where we add the other instruments to the music with the cast.  It can be complicated because very often a note played on piano will sound very different played on a Cello and it is nice to have a rehearsal solely devoted to the music at this stage.  We know all the parts, we need to put them together.  I am excited to hear the sound with the orchestra! Usually I do a theme night for Sitz Probe because it is a great cast/orchestra bonding time.  I like Pyjama day, but it is too warm for my Snuggie, so we are going with "Beach Party"!

Then on Sunday night we have a run through and then we are in the space! A big shift for me after doing Walterdale shows.  My fabulous Stage Manager, Kim, and I have meticulously planned out the time on Monday so that we maximize what we get to do in the space before Opening Night. It's crunch time, but there isn't much crunchy about the show so I am far more relaxed than I expected to be.  All the fixes required are tiny tweaks.  It is great for me to see the actors still playing and keeping it present and real.

Here are a few more rehearsal pictures from the amazing Janine Hodder:

Amanda Neufeld as Rona Lisa Perretti
Nadien Veroba as Olive and Curtis Knecht as Barfee
Nadine Veroba, Curtis Knecht, Meredith Honda, John Evans, Kristin Johnston and Mark Sinongco as the Spellers!

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