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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sting. Stung.

Do you think there are some people who have to bring you down when you are up? I am having a truly wonderful week. This Fringe experience has exceeded my expectations. It is not accidental - we have worked hard and although I did not dare dream we would do as well as we did, I am proud of what we have created. I can own that. After 25+ years of doing theatre I do not think it is a fluke or an accident. However, there are always people out there (some of whom you think are your friends) who have to find a way to suggest that you perhaps don't deserve the success. I am working on shaking off this feeling. I am, at the very least, going to wait and think about it after Fringe is done. It may, however, affect whether I ever go see any of those people's shows again - no matter how good they are. If a friend can't be happy for me when I do well, then why should I support them?

Ah, well... I guess it happens.


Annemarie said...

They suck.


Finster said...

It's all good. It was only one sideways comment and the multitude of positive comments totally outweigh it. The expereince was fabulous and I know that what they said had more to do with them than me.