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Saturday, August 20, 2011


There are now two days left to Fringe. I have been at the grounds and have seen at least one show every single day so far. I think I am at 21.... I have seen some great stuff, some good stuff and some stuff that needs a little work. I have enjoyed everything or learned from it in any case. I think I did pretty good with my picks. There are shows I wish I had been able to catch (maybe today or tomorrow?) but none of them have been held over. The ones I wanted to see that are held-over I already have seen so I will leave the repeat performances to those who didn't get a chance the first time around (on that note: I recommend The Tudor Queens, BoyGroove and Grim and Fischer). I am pretty sure the others are good too, so check out a show!

Went to sleep at 7 p.m. last night. I needed it. I feel rested today and ready to enjoy what is left of the festival. Today we have our second last performance at 4 p.m. There are a few tickets left that should be released today. I have heard they are released an hour before the show, but the artist's package says something different so I am going to check at the Fringe today. I am going to try and find something to see before our show. I have a ticket to something later in the evening. Gotta see the shows while they are still there!

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