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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a Day Yesterday Was!

Well, first of all, it was Mark and my 15th Wedding Anniversary - holy moley 15 years!!! We actually got to go out to dinner, too! Thanks to Grandma for babysitting! And then we went to the SOLD OUT show of Pieces. I was very glad I had purchased tickets so we could actually see it. Very exciting to have a Sold Out show. Right now sales for the remaining 3 shows are very good and it makes me happy. I feel like this Fringe has been a real gift to me... everything is going so well. I felt we had a strong show, but it is nice to get external confirmation. I also got to see friends that had moved away and were back in town for weddings. So nice to see them.

Today I saw 2 very fun Fringe shows. I saw Cowboy: A Cowboy Story. My biggest laughs this Fringe. I think it's Sold Out - but check with the Box Office. It is so funny. I also saw and really liked Our Balzac is Showing based on the stories of Honore de Balzac. I loved the structure of this piece (strangely similar to the structure I used in Zachary and the Storytelling Stones, but the subject matter was definitely not kid friendly!). It's raunchy and unapologetically so and so much fun. If you can't handle raunch - don't go. If you can - go and laugh heartily! The three actors are really good and committed and work as a nice ensemble in this lusty piece!

I hope you can get to Pieces. Right now tickets are flying fast. I am shocked (in a good way)! I am also hoping I have to sit in the lobby for the remaining 3 shows because of Sell Outs... If we are lucky...

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