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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Do You Like to Go to?

At Fringe I like to see a real variety of things. I know some people who just want to see the funny stuff and others who go for the edgy stuff, but me, I like a nice mixed bag of shows. I am picky in that I want to see a well-constructed, prepared show. A lot of people vied for those spots and there are a lot of other shows that I could be at, so I want to know that the production has worked hard for me. In fact, it is more the quality of completeness that I require to be happy with the show. I have selected a variety so far and hope to add in more as I get my Fringe-legs under me. I can't always predict if I will be able to handle a late night so I avoid buying those tickets until the day of - hazards of aging and the fact I have to take the kids to camp in the morning.

So far here are the shows I am anxiously looking forward to seeing:

The Tudor Queens
Faith Healer
(Real) Gone (Girl)
Going Viral
Cartoon in a Cartoon Graveyard
Ruminations of Maude
Teaching Shakespeare 2
Harold of Glactus
Our Balzac are Showing
No Choking Matter
Little Room
The Seminar
Grim and Fischer
[title of show]

In that list there are comedies, dramas, a burlesque show, musicals, a puppet show, solo shows, ensemble casts, shows with friends in them, touring shows, local companies, you name it... I will let you know what else as the week progresses!

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