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Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Fringe a.k.a. $265.00 so far

I spent a couple hours this morning figuring out my initial Fringe Plan. This is the first one - the one that I will buy my advance tickets for which takes into account the fact that afternoon weekday shows are good for me as opposed to late night ones and which shows my friends are in and which ones I can tell I want to see based on the Program. There are many more I would go to if I didn't have to leave the site by 4:30 p.m. and not be able to return until 7:00 p.m. every weekday AND take into account that my brain can only really handle 3-4 shows a day and I am no longer good at late nights (at least not when I have to get up to take the kids to camp in the morning). In any case, I have spent $265 on tickets for 21 shows, including 2 for Pieces on the night of our anniversary for Mark and I so that we can see it and sit together guaranteed. I know, $265 sounds like a lot of cashola, but I was thinking about it... What is that? 3-4 Citadel shows? 2 Folk fest weekend passes? 8-9 shows in the regular season at the smaller theatres? It's not even 2 tickets to see Michael Buble or Josh Groban (I know, some of you are thinking Lady Gaga or U2, but hey, I am a 43 year old white woman into musical theatre - Buble and Groban are up my alley!). For $265 I get to see 20 shows - many of them new works - spread over 11 days. It is really my version of holidays. I don't get to travel very often as my ability to do so is constrained by kids and work and school. This really is my 'holiday'. So it is money well spent!

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Justen said...

Agreed! I always loved having days off during the Fringe and taking in more shows in two weeks than I usually get to in the course of a season. Hits and misses, but fantastic all the same!