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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fringe - hiatus - reflection...

First two shows of Pieces are done - first two reviews are in and they are extremely satisfying (4.5 Stars in the Journal!!). I now have a break until Tuesday night so I thought I would take some time to reflect on my Fringe experience as an audience member. I have seen 6 shows other than my own. The shows I have seen have run the gamut. The two most memorable and resonant (for very different reasons) were The Tudor Queens (Send in the Girls) and (Real) Gone (Girl) (Cowardly Kiss).

Tudor Queens was my first show. I saw it opening night of the Fringe. A great pick to kick off the fringe, and kick it does. Although not really a burlesque aficionado I am big into the whole Tudor thing thanks to Phillipa Gregory and the TV series. Going in I wasn't sure how with was going to work, mixing the history with satirical dance, however, it was a really nice fit. Each of the Queen had their own solo number which totally worked to underscore their journey. Lots of artistic licence with the history, but all the women attacked what they were given. It's funny. It's saucy. And the 'strip' does not make you feel uncomfortable because they commit so completely. I do not know how you could go to this show and not enjoy yourself.

I saw (Real) Gone (Girl) yesterday afternoon. The task seems impossible. One actress alone onstage... she knows her movement but not her words or her story. With the use of an iPod she gets her lines a moment before she says them. Full commitment despite not knowing anything about what is coming is amazing in itself - doing it while performing a complicated movement piece is the equivalent of a marathon. It's not for everyone... more of a performance piece where you hold your breath and stay glued to her from start to finish, but for those who like to challenge themselves with something different and totally unpredictable this would be the right choice. A true "Fringe" show.

Now remember, these are my responses - they are personal - and you may have a different reaction to them... that's theatre. The audience is always right, even when they disagree.

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