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Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Real" Children's Theatre... AKA Drama Camp

Gibson's Class - Attention for their Teacher!
The boys both took part in Drama Camp at The Foote Theatre School this past week.  I have had them in The Foote for various classes over the years and have always been very pleased with the curriculum and delivery, but this was one of the best yet.  I really appreciated the work as demonstrated in the final presentations on the final day and because it was Good Friday it meant that Mark also got to see the shows.  This time they split up the presentations so it was just the friends and families of the presenting class so the audience groups were smaller and everyone had a nice close seat where we could see and hear everything.  The shows were also great fun.  Oliver was in the 11-14 Comedy and Laughter Class and he had a great time.  I wasn't sure how it would go for him because he was definitely one of the younger kids in the group, but the great thing about drama kids is that they are so accommodating so you don't have to worry about age ranges as much.  Their show was about 'School' and both they and the audience had a lot of fun with it.  Oliver has had the instructor, Eileen Sproule, before and really likes her style.  I do too.  I can tell that she works really well with the age and I was really impressed with the work she did with them.  Gibson's group was the 8-11 Acting Class.  They did a presentation on Space and Aliens and it was ever so cute.  His instructors, Andrew Ritchie and Josh Languedoc, also did a fabulous job and I was really impressed with how well the younger group knew their story and 'choreography' as well as their lines and characters.  I was most happy because this was the first year that Gibson didn't seem nervous about presenting and he was actually excited about it.  He is quite talented but has bad nerves and whatever those guys did, he didn't seem nervous at all. I am glad that I got the boys into the camp (I literally waited until the last minute).  I used to have them in the Saturday classes but the introduction of basketball into our year and it's unpredictable game schedule meant that I couldn't do that the last two years.  However, I am so pleased with the week long camps and I think the continuity of the camps works well in a different way than the regular camp that I am glad I have that option. I am hoping to put them in for a week in the summer in between their U of A Sports Camps.
Oliver's Class - Low Status Pose!

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