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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Fantastic Sounds - CD Release Party for Lesley Pelletier

Last night I took a little break from theatre to attend the CD Release Party for Lesley Pelletier's new CD Turn Down the Lights at Fiddler's Roost.  It was a great night of music and visiting with my good friend Julie who took me as her guest, and I was doubly pleased to leave with one of the new CDs to listen to.  I have known Lesley ever since I did the show Baby with her a few years ago.  I have known her mother Judy Stelck even longer and I had a great time visiting with her as well.

The music - well, you can hear some of it here on her website.  The album is fully produced with a band, while the website is mostly just Lesley with guitar, but it still gives you a great idea of what her sound is.  It is music that requires a strong singer, which Lesley certainly is.  She has one of those full bodied voices that can belt as well as soar and which can express a variety of emotions.  Lesley also wrote all the songs on the CD and what impressed me most is that they are all so unique.  Some writers have very little variety of sound, but not Lesley - some are whimsical, some rocking, some bluesy, some sad - and all have distinctness that make them worth the listen. In a world of auto tune it was truly refreshing to hear this fabulous talent performing live.

If you check out the songs and want to get a copy you can buy them at Tix on the Square (in Winston Churchill Square). The website linked above probably also has information on where you can get them, too. I recommend!

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