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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Finally Writing... Feels Good...

It is no secret - I write to deadlines and from feedback.  So, luckily I have had both to motivate me in the past few weeks.  I was happy to hear that one of the scripts that I submitted for the First Annual Skirts AFire - herArts Festival - Peep Show was selected.  The selection of The Easy Road (which I wrote at last Fringe's Play in a Day) led to a great meeting with Dramaturge Tracy Carroll and gave me the impetus to write a new draft to get ready to submit to the APC (Alberta Playwriting Competition). This was a bit of a challenge as the deadline of March 1st means that I am torn between getting T4s done and working on my writing!  Every year the same thing happens and one of those things I kind of have to do or else Canada Revenue and our employees would be ticked off at me!  Anyhow, I managed to finish a new draft and send it off.

In preparation for Peep Show, we are using the original submitted draft because some of the structural changes would make the new draft a challenge.  I get to sit in on the rehearsal this Thursday and will hear three fabulous local actresses bring it to life on Sunday afternoon.  There are a few other scripts in Peep Show which showcase some of the fabulous female playwrights in Edmonton.  I think it will be a great afternoon of theatrical teasers!

Here are the details on the event:


March 10, 2013 2:00pm
Alberta Avenue Community League- 9210-118 Ave.

Glimpse into the future of SkirtsAFire and the Edmonton arts scene through a tease of new plays presented in partnership with Alberta Playwrights Network.

Five exciting new plays by five fantastic female playwrights:

Marathon/Sprint by Heather Morrow
Going, Going, Gone by Jana O’Connor
Secrets by Jacqueline Dumas
Last Chance Leduc by Katherine Koller
The Easy Road by Kristen Finlay

Our ensemble of actors:
John Ullyat
Lora Brovold
Karyn Mott
Alison Wells

For more information check out the website:


Annemarie said...

That's fantastic Kristen! Wish I could see it!

Finster said...

The rehearsal was fabulous. So great o hear those women read my words and even better ask the questions needed to take me to the next draft. I am looking forward to hearing the other pieces on Sunday!