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Friday, March 08, 2013

International Women's Day - I think Edmonton Holds it's Own!

Thinking about International Women's Day - mostly because Facebook and Twitter have it plastered all over the place - and realized that I feel Edmonton really holds it's own at least in theatre.  With Skirts AFire holding it's first ever herArts Festival this weekend and the Expanse Movement Arts Festival - both with exceptional involvement from women in the performance and organization (read: behind the scenes) areas - I think we are in a good place.  Would I like more female ADs of the principal theatre companies?  Probably, but I also think that we have some great movers and shakers who are women in the field and I think we have some great male ADs that recognize the talent that lives here and they do not let gender make their decisions for them.  I could be wrong in that, but I seem to see a lot of women in arts management in the city.  These are smart, sharp and invested women who know how to get things done. What makes me feel we have the right attitude it is that I'd like to think that people here in Edmonton want to work people who are good, not just people who fit a certain set of arbitrary requirements.  I am excited to see what Amy DeFelice, Tracy Carroll, Ellen Chorley, Marianne Copithorne, Maralyn Ryan, Belinda Cornish, Coralie Cairns,  Brette Gereke, Beth Graham, Mieko Ouchi, Annette Loiselle, Nicole Moeller, Nadien Chu, Joan Hawkins, Elena Porter, Rebecca Merkley, Kayla Gorman, Amanda Neufeld, Andrea Beca, Erika Noot, Barb Mah, Karen Mott, Lora Brovold, Amanda Bergen, Michelle Kennedy and many, many other great women create for Edmonton audiences. And I am excited to see what the boys do, too! It's a good place to be in.

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