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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A Contest? A Contest! Win Nextfest Passes!

So last August I won a fabulous prize from Vue Weekly... I wrote about it here.  It has made for one of the most fabulous years of theatre watching for me.  I am really, really, really going to miss all these free tickets next year.  I hope to still be going to see a lot of shows - I did before I had the prize, so I I don't see why I won't - I am just going to have to pay more money... That's alright.  Those artists need to eat too.

Anyhow, I only have a few things left on the docket, one of which is Two passes to Nextfest Arts Festival at Theatre Network and I discovered that I am out of town for most of the festival and I really don't want to see these passes go to waste.  So, I decided to hold my own little contest to give away those passes.

Here's how you can win my two passes - comment below and tell me why you want to go to Nextfest and why you should win.  You can relate a story about how seeing something at Nextfest affected you, or how being in Nextfest changed you, or just how theatre in general enriches you life.  As to the why you should win, that's up to you.  This is pretty much what Vue Weekly asked me to do - "Tell us why you should win." Be creative. I like that. Nextfest runs June 6th - 16th.

For those of you uncomfortable with setting up a google profile to enter, feel free to email me your responses - email to with FINSTER FINDS - NEXTFEST PASSES in the subject line and I will put you in the contest!

Deadline to respond to this contest is April 30, 2013!  I'll announce the winner by May 5th!

By the way, Nextfest currently has a call for proposals out so if you are under 30 and have a project that you think might be good, send it in!

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