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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well, I just got offered something in Into the Woods. It wasn't however, what I wanted, so after a frustrating conversation I decided to turn it down. I won't say what part, because I don't want whoever gets it to know they were not the first choice. Now, don't think it is all sour grapes. There is definitely a bit of disappointment - there has been for awhile because I had a feeling when there was no callback - but it takes a lot of time to do one of these shows and that is a lot of time away from my family and the rest of my life. Do I want to commit that time to a project where I am not really happy to do be doing it? Not really. I have done that before in previous shows and I really resented it. After those experiences, I'd rather say "No" up front and let someone else do the show who really wants to do it. For someone else that part will be an amazing adventure - not so much for me. It would be in the wrong place vocally for me so I would have to 'sound ugly' to sing it if I went high or really challenge me for volume or breath if I went low - I would also be playing a character I totally don't connect to. I've done that enough. Give it to someone who is better placed vocally and who might enjoy it.

I might have taken it if I could have found out more about the rest of the cast, but that information was not forthcoming. So I may be kicking myself if I find out it is a terrific cast I would have wanted to work with. Oh well. Well, I anxiously await the announcement of the cast. I know a lot of people who really wanted to do it so I will keep my fingers crossed for them.

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