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Monday, November 01, 2010

It's All Greek to Me...

I am really enjoying my theatre history class at the U of A. I know some of the other students might be a bit less into it because we spent over a month on Greek Theatre before moving on to anything else, but looking at the resources we could probably spend a whole 4 month son Greek Theatre and still not cover everything. I was very excited because today I found the resources I need to write my paper. Yippee! I would like to get a draft done this week so that I can get it proofed by our Professor (he said if we got him a draft by the 5th of Nov he would read and comment and get it back to us after the Remembrance day weekend). Now, it might be silly to be so excited about a resource, but I really didn't know how they would have done this one effect and now that I know I feel so much better. AH!

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