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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gibson and Music

Both my kids like music. They both like to dance and sing and they are both taking piano (because I make them), but Gibson not only likes music... he's really insightful about it. I always say that Gibson sang before he talked. He would babble and coo in tune with songs on the radio in car. I was in a musical while pregnant with both of the boys, and with Gibson I was also in Honey B's and they both attended many Honey B's rehearsals in the sling (Gibson more than Oliver I would say). Maybe that was a factor. So tonight. Tonight as I am putting Gibson to bed we start talking about school and what he likes and we get on to talking about Music Class and he starts asking me about Do Re Mi... we then sing Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do several times (he is in tune and it sounds lovely) and then he has me sing a solo and then he sings and solo and then we sing a duet. He uses the terms solo and duet. Then he starts asking about chords and whether people can sing chords as well as play them on the piano and we talk about songs he knows and where the chords (harmony) happens. He is articulate and understands the concepts. And then he brings up tempo, and he starts clapping different rhythms telling me which tempos are fast and slow. He drove the whole conversation with questions and input. Sometimes he freaks me out a bit. I am looking forward to hearing him play and sing as an adult.

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