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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Done. Just Starting.

There is no weigh-in today. My weigh-in partner is out of town, so I have two weeks to undo the incredible amount of candy I ate over the last few days at auditions. To be fair, I didn't actually eat a tonne of calories, but those that I did eat were primarily sugar. Ya gotta do, what you gotta do. I avoided a seriously huge Thanksgiving Feast because I had auditions and Mark took the boys to Olds. Mom had a Thanksgiving breakfast on Monday, instead. That was nice. I didn't pig out, but the food was good and it was nice to see the Matt Strand family. Those little girls are hilarious, particularly Ariana (she does this pouting thing to intentionally try to look cute - it soooo works).

Auditions. exhale. They were good in that we had 60 people come out for 5 roles. There's a lot of choice in that. They were bad in that, from those 60 people I had 20 that I called back because they were just that good. I had another 20 that I would've called back, but I tried to make some hard decisions earlier to make it easier later. That did and didn't work. I am seriously blown away by the talent I saw. I made a joke to my Assistant Director about Quadruple casting it, but even though it was a joke, I could've. Anyhow, I have my cast. They all seem fabulous and I think that as an ensemble of 5 they will be tremendous. Now we get to work. Right after I dye my hair... I got some more grey hairs this weekend.

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