WORD OF MOUTH: Fringe 2018

I returned to the Fringe grounds today and chatted with quite a few different people about what they would recommend (artists are not allowed to recommend their own shows - although they try...). I was pleased to hear so many different suggestions, as it tells me that there are a lot of good things to see at this year's Fringe.

Here's the Word Of Mouth recommendations from Sunday, August 19, 2018, in no particular order. (stars indicate that the show was mentioned by more than one person):

Interstellar Elder: Badass Grandma in Space
Stories About Love, Death & a Rabbit*
TEDxRFT: Improvised Ted Talks
MacBeth Muet*
Jesus Christ: The Lost Years
A Briefs History of Time
Daddy's Boy
Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me, But Banjos Saved My Life
The Progressive Polygamists
The Wilds*
The Real Inspector Hound
2 Queens and a Joker
One Man Pride and Prejudice*
An All New God is a Scottish Drag Queen
The Alien Baby Play
One Man Walking Dead
Hotel Vortruba
Eddie Poe
Jake's Gift*


Unknown said…
I am a first time Fringe performer (tomatoes tried to kill me). I just finished my run today. I can't tell you what a thrill it has been to be in Edmonton. I had amazing audiences. They inspired and humbled me. Thanks to all and thanks for including me in your blog!

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